We deliver substantial outcomes for partners thanks to advanced technologies, real-time risk management, and a tandem of AI-driven automation with the expertise of our team.

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Our Mission

We are committed to elevating the recognition of esports in iGaming and providing customized products for our partners to achieve profitable results. Our team uses the expertise and passion for esports to bring the industry to a new level of excellence.


Data Feed

A robust combination of Odds Feed, Live Score Feed and Risk Management empowers operators with a fully personalized content line, ensuring competitiveness in the dynamic sports betting landscape.

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Odds Feed

Managed by trading experts and powered by advanced technology, the Odds Feed provides real-time odds from licensed sources and a reliable representation of betting markets.

Live Score Feed

Real-time match statistics with minimal delays, ensuring operators stay updated and bolstering the accuracy of information that is crucial during live events.

Risk Management

A tool for the analysis and mitigation of potential risks and ensuring the security and integrity of operator platforms by influencing limitations and control over the betting experience.

Single Page Application

SPA is an embedded solution that elevates the best features of common industry technologies, such as iFrame, and ensures a smoother and easier user experience, offering customizable features for operators.

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Content Coverage






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Real-time Risk Management

AI-based Odds Updates

Ultra-fast Raw Data Sources

Game Line

DATA.BET has one of the broadest lines in the esports betting market. We cover over 30 popular disciplines to maximize operators' options.

Licensed Content By

Provides official live match data in partnership until 2025.

Offers data platform with the 360 in-game Data Solutions.

14 May 24

One of the crucial ways we leverage AI is through data analysis

With Alex Kozachenko, Chief Product Officer at DATA.BET, we discussed the company’s focus on expanding in Latin America, the evolution of the esports industry, ways to leverage AI in product offerings, and much more.

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6 May 24

The Head of Trading of DATA.BET on AI, Licensed Content and the Future of Esports Betting

In the world of betting, traders compile betting options so that bettors can get the best offers and odds. DATA.BET offers a suite of products to operators, including odds feeds, live score, and risk management, helping creating a dynamic esports betting landscape for its clients’ customers. DATA.BET’s trading team...

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30 April 24

Unravelling the enigma of personalised markets in esports betting

In the expanding world of betting, where bookmakers accept wagers on an array of events, the scarcity of personalised markets for players, especially within the realm of esports, stands out as an intriguing anomaly. In conversation with SBC News, Yurii Lysenko, Lead Data Scientist at DATA.BET, reveals the potential...

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