Single Page Application (SPA)

An embedded solution designed to enhance and redefine the standout features of common industry technologies, such as iFrame.

The Single Page Application (SPA) is a unique technology enriched with exclusive features, offering flexible settings for operators and visualizing the betting process for bettors.

SPA distinguishes itself by customizing features based on the operator's specific needs. Furthermore, it offers advanced solutions for pre-rendering pages, facilitating effective promotion of esports products through SEO and search engines. This approach not only attracts high-quality traffic but also enhances the potential for conversion into valuable leads.

Feature-rich Solution

Explore the powerful components designed to enhance engagement and empower both operators and players!

Bet Insight

Helps a gambler to dive deeper into betting, increasing engagement.

Express bet generator 

Offers a combination of odds and amount for a bet depending on the disciplines and real-time data.

Embedded stream player

Provides a stream of a live event if it’s available


Gives an opportunity to redeem a bet before it is played, ensuring the bettor’s involvement.

Bet insurance

Bettors can insure themselves from loss, engaging them to play more 


A gambler can get a free bet that encourages them to bet more.

Currency suggestion

Offers a player bets size to speed up decision-making.

Minimal bet setting

An operator is able to settle bet limits according to the needs.

SPA Highlights


Easily embedded in the site and adapted to the site's appearance;

Can be integrated as separate widgets, providing a customized user experience;

Quick response to user actions, system changes, and real-time updates in matches and bets.

Content Richness

Flexible ranking system with 4 lines available;

Fastest market response to odds changes;

Personalized display & Multilingual;

Flexible banners settings.

Unlock the next level of betting platform excellence with our SPA!

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