Data Feed

Data Feed is a combination of Odds Feed, Live Score Feed, and in-house Risk Management. The data for the feed is provided by licensed content and handled by AI and expert traders to generate a product that empowers operators to stay competitive in the dynamic landscape of the sports betting industry.

An operator can have a fully personalized line of sports, tournaments, markets, etc.

Data Feed in numbers:






Live events per month

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Trading team

Sports trading management system

A meticulously crafted system that empowers betting companies to tailor the Data Feed line autonomously. This feature allows operators to independently choose and regulate all content, including markets, sports, event types, and live coverage.

Odds Feed

Odds Feed smoothly integrates real-time odds information from licensed content, ensuring a reliable and accurate representation of betting markets.

The exclusive system allows the data feed to be extensively flexible and personalized according to the operator's needs. We offer a product tailored to your preferences in markets, sports, event types, limits, live coverage, and more.

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How does it work?

Commencing with odds statistics, historical, and live data, our innovative betting system seamlessly integrates AI and expert analysis to produce tailored odds, ensuring profit.

Sport Event
Raw Odds
Tailored Odds

Live Score Feed

Match statistics with minimal delays, allowing operators to keep their users updated and increasing the accuracy of live event information. Precise statistics are crucial during live events, so our mission is to deliver them efficiently.

The Live Score Feed is tailored to a client's needs and the goals he wants to achieve.

Feed Creation Process

Live Statistics
Human Touch
Final Statistics

Risk management

Real-time Risk Management is an integral part of Odds Feed since it’s a pivotal tool for analyzing and mitigating potential risks meticulously, ensuring the security and integrity of an operator platform. The data feed covers Tier 1 - Tier 4 matches thanks to the in-house expertise team of risk managers.

DATA.BET’s Risk Management includes customizing various levels of limits that refer to tailoring and adjusting restrictions based on specific requirements, providing esports operators with a seamless alignment with their needs and objectives.

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Managed Trading Services (MTS)

• Technologically innovative;
• Minimal bet delays (down to 1 second);
• 50-200 ms AI speed.

Live Risk Management

• 24/7 analysis;
• In-house expert team.

Personalized Limits Setup

• Margin;
• Bet and match risks;
• Max bet number per match;
• Max bet and odds;
• Cashout on/off.

Limit Tierization

• Maximum profit with broader coverage;
• Minimum risks with expert analysis.

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